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What to check before driving

When preparing yourself for a trip, give your car some minutes too. Driving can be the dangerous thing that people ignore. Thus, it is good to check your car before driving in order to avoid any issue that might come out and ruin your trip. When checking a car before driving, you can meet some issues that are in your power to handle ; however, for any difficulties it’s better to call a technician or reach out a garage to fix it for you.

Below are 5 tips of what to check before driving.

1. Check under the car for obvious leaks. Driving with leaking fluid may cause failure of the steering, brakes or radiator. Additionally, it is better also to check tires for proper inflation as in some cases the blown tire can cause you to crash.

2. Ask someone to stand behind your car to check the lights. Turn on the car and activate the directional signals, then apply the brakes and put the car in reverse so the person can see if lights are working correctly. Requesting someone to stand in front for you to check the front lights by turning on the headlights and activate the directional signals.

3. Check your windows and mirrors to make sure you have good visibility. Make sure to align properly your mirrors in order to get a proper view of the road.

4. Activate your windshield wipers and sprayer to be certain they work. Depend on the climate ; you can suffer from not having the proper working windshield wipers.

5. Check fluids in the car periodically. Check the oil weekly. Check the brake and power steering fluids and engine coolant transmission fluids monthly or before a long trip to be sure they are full. Check fluids when the engine is cold. Fill the wiper fluid if necessary.

In case you don’t know how to check fluids and you don’t have the owner’s manual for directions ask a technician once, you will keep doing for your own. However, some fluid including oil brake fluid and power steering fluid are easy to check via dipsticks found under the hood.

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